Feature Update 03/18

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Wondering what’s new in wao.io? Have a look at our newest features and functionalities in the fields of analytics, caching, security and optimization.

Analytics — Range Picker & Zoom

Select a date range in the drop-down menu in your analytics dashboard and inspect your traffic for a certain period. You can choose between last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks and current month. Mark events in the graph with your mouse, zoom in and gain interesting insights around page views, delivered page bots and delivered pages. Want to learn more about wao.io’s analytics metrics? Visit our Help Center for more details.

Enhanced Clear Cache Option

Flushing the cache is an important functionality when working on your website. But sometimes it is not necessary to remove every single resource. This is why we offer you an alternative: The option Invalidate Origin Content will only remove resources that have changed in the backend. This is very handy if you have changed only a few of your resources.

Cookie Security Option

Protect your user’s privacy and security by enabling wao.io’s Cookie Security option. Protect cookies from insecure connections will prevent transmitting the cookies when user unintentionally switch to insecure HTTP connections. Forbid cookies for insecure connections will additionally prevent changing existing and adding new cookies over insecure connections.


New Save-Data Option

Respect your user’s explicit wish to save data by enabling wao.io’s Save Data Option in your optimization  panel. Help your users on a limited mobile data plan to save data when visiting your website.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new features. If you have any questions please let us know. We are keen on answering your questions and collecting your feedback.

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