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We at Sevenval have been working since 1999 with some of the largest companies in Germany. We have seen the critical steps a company has to take to build and run a successful website. Over the years we have collected a lot of know-how and gained valuable experience, in our R&D team, that we now feel is worth sharing and connecting with the world. This is why we created stands for “web analytics and optimization”

It is a SAAS platform enabling any business anywhere in the world to connect and optimize their website. automatically optimizes websites as well as provides the tools and insights to further increase the optimization.

One of the most key areas we see businesses failing at is their web performance. wao’s mission is to close the gap between Dev, Ops and Marketing enabling the responsible person to understand and act. is making technical web optimization more accessible to everyone.

Years of development have been put into the creation of A dedicated team has worked in the shadows of the Cologne Cathedral, Germany, chiseling code and deciphering complex algorithmic problems. The result is shown in the few seconds it takes when you go to the homepage and analyze your website.’s analyzer component reveals insights into how the website performance with and without the wao optimization engine.


The key to success is Sevenval’s FDX Analytics, a team of data scientists with a ton of web know-how, mixed with the Sevenval Web Accelerator, Web Security Optimizer, a team of highly knowledgeable Ops experts. This combination powered by Sevenval’s strong culture and attitude towards innovation and excellence results in a lot of love and an awesome team.

September 13th marks the day when we share our complete product for the first time with customers at dmexco. We are excited to open it up and work with customers to enhance it even more. We also welcome people to join our Private Beta and are excited about launching the project to the world early 2018.

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