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How to silently launch a product and get blown away

test your website with
Live optimization potential testing with our analyzer | Photo by David Reppe

dmexco, the leading digital marketing fair in Europe connects every year more than 40,000 professionals. As the key fair in the European and maybe even World market, we set the two tradeshow days as our internal deadline for building as a MVP

Starting fromthe very beginning we had to decide on our tooling, the build process and CI systems. Using docker and microservices to get our features connected. Finally packaging everything into a WebApp.

A dedicated small team of 18 experts at Sevenval moved their desks and screens together to meet the target date. Working interdisciplinary and agile to get version 1.0 more than just done.

Our concept is not to spend millions of € for marketing, instead we want feedback from our “real target group”. Not by analytics or feedback forms. From real humans.

So we developed a simple and a low-cost strategy to get the first user feedback and maybe some on board.

In between tweeting to the targeted audience and developing Flavor Flave inspired “every second counts” clocks, the time ticked relentlessly down.

At the end of May our journey starts with the dmexco as a milestone – now is live!

silent launch of
Wednesday, the 13th of October, a team of four web performance specialists met in the early morning of the dmexco. Photo by David Reppe

At the same time, everybody from the technical team stopped working on the product to make sure everything runs stable and smooth.

Equipped with clocks, iPads and our brand new analyzer we started to unveil the sneak preview of the new product. People kept on flowing to the booth asking to get their websites (and the ones from competitors) analyzed.

The feedback blew us away. The demand for getting control over an existing website and optimization without changing the code is enormous.

After two hours we decided that we need the support from the sales team to cover the demand 🙂

Some numbers: the optimization potential (compared to page weight) is from 1% to 92%.

In average an analyzed website at the dmexco could be optimized by 54,6% with

500 analyzed websites later, three different booth parties, a lot of coffee, amazing connections and with a positive/satisfied feeling, we called it a wrap. Having won more than 45 large corporations for our private beta felt already like a win.

Our next goal is to improve the product with the feedback of our private beta partners and shape the product for public launch.

If you want to follow our journey follow us on Twitter or meet us in person at the StartupCon

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