This christmas you will lose potential customers

Christmas time has come, and with it the potential of big deals. For as we all know, internet traffic peaks in christmas season. All those monetary gifts and refunds from reindeer socks need reinvestment after all.

So, if the twelfth day of christmas only brought you 12% of visitors after your entry page, you might wonder what went wrong on the first day. Next year, to save you from tears, you might want to work on a special factor to lower your bounce rate: page load speed.

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Get your pre-configured Preview Site in Seconds!

Our Analyzer easily calculates the performance potential of your website. While analyzing, gathers a lot of information about your website and creates your individual configuration. We thought: why not share this information and simplify the preview site setup for you?! πŸ™‚

Find out how to get your pre-configured preview site in seconds.

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Road to dmexco πŸš€

How to silently launch a product and get blown away

test your website with
Live optimization potential testing with our analyzer | Photo by David Reppe

dmexco, the leading digital marketing fair in Europe connects every year more than 40,000 professionals. As the key fair in the European and maybe even World market, we set the two tradeshow days as our internal deadline for building as a MVP

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Say hello to

We at Sevenval have been working since 1999 with some of the largest companies in Germany. We have seen the critical steps a company has to take to build and run a successful website. Over the years we have collected a lot of know-how and gained valuable experience, in our R&D team, that we now feel is worth sharing and connecting with the world. This is why we created

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