Newsletter 01/19

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See your improvements with!

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

Users will love your faster loading website. In your Analytics dashboard you can find out how much less data users need to load while surfing your website.

Compress your images without compromises 

Our automatic image optimization can save you a great deal of work: Read our blog post to find out why it offers the perfect compromise between effort, quality and compression. 

New in Analytics: HTTP Errors

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

Complete error control for a healthy website: Your Analytics dashboard will display all HTTP errors caused by the origin server. The descriptive graph differentiates between errors for pages meaning delivered HTML sites and assets meaning resources such as script, css and image files. 

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

A separate area displays all errors received by users, e.g. when your origin server was not available. Every error will be logged using an error code. Error codes can be found in our help center.

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