Get your pre-configured Preview Site in Seconds!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our Analyzer easily calculates the performance potential of your website. While analyzing, gathers a lot of information about your website and creates your individual configuration. We thought: why not share this information and simplify the preview site setup for you?! 🙂

Find out how to get your pre-configured preview site in seconds.

1 Make sure you sign up/log in, otherwise you won’t be able to create your preview site.


2 Enter your domain and start the analyzer by pressing one of the buttons.

anaylze your website on

3 Check your optimization potential and create your preview site at the push of the button.

Analyzer Results

4 You will be redirected to your dashboard, listing your preview site setup. Click on your preview URL and experience your accelerated website.

Have fun to explore. Start analyzing now!

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