Feature Update 07/18

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Ready for Chrome Version 68?

From July, 23rd Google will mark unencrypted websites without TLS-certificate as „not secure“. Your website is already secured? Congratulations! – If not: good news! With wao.io you are only one click away.

wao.io offers an automatic HTTPS upgrade. Sign up now or send us a message in order to be ready for the 23rd of July.

Expired certificates – not with wao.io anymore

If you are using a custom SSL certificate you might know the hassle with the expiration date. It always comes all of a sudden and in the worst case your website is marked as insecure. Not with wao.io anymore: we will automatically activate a LE-certificate 12 hours before your custom certificate expires.

Need for strong PCI compliance?

If you have compliance requirements with PCI DSS 3.2, you can use wao.io’s strict TLS option, only allowing TLS 1.2. You can find all information on our TLS options in our help center.

There is more than HTTPS…

Encrypting your website traffic with a TLS certificate is only the first step to a secure website. Read all about wao.io’s security options or send us a message if you are wondering how to enhance the security of your website.


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