Feature Update 04/18

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Read about our newest feature updates including a new analytics metric, image optimization improvements and new security options.

New in Analytics: Traffic Savings

Compare your previous network traffic with wao.io’s powerful savings. Gain knowledge about wao.io’s positive impact on your business.

  • Faster websites through less traffic served to clients
  • Less bandwidth costs through less traffic loaded from the origin server

Visit our helpcenter for detailed information about all analytics metrics.

New Client Security Options

Your customer’s security is very important to us. This is why we have added two client security options. „Enable Subresource Integrity“ prevents the execution of malicious content in the browser. „Protect window context information“ prevents JavaScript access to the current window context.

Image Optimization Improvement

Our image optimization algorithm now produces smaller WebP results from PNG input files with few colors. Instead of relying on WebP lossless compression to avoid artifacts, a lossy compression with higher quality is carried out. This saves a lot of bytes for photo-like images while preserving quality for logos and icons.

Using a CDN?

Read our guide how to use wao.io with your existing Content Delivery Network.


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