TLS 1.3 – your performance and security boost to HTTPS

In August 2018 the final version of TLS 1.3 was published. It is the first major update to the protocol in over eight years. It involves massive improvements in both performance and security over its predecessor TLS 1.2.

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Optimizing Image Optimization with Machine Learning

At we are, among other things, concerned about the time customers wait for your website. One key factor to speed things up is the amount of data that needs to be transferred – the best bytes are those which need not to be sent. Because images make up a large fraction of the transmitted data we transcode images before they are delivered to browsers. To make sure that the transcoding does not affect the image quality, we employ Automatic Image Quality Assessment (AIQA) procedure.

To further improve the efficiency of the transcoding, we combine the transcoding with a machine learning pipeline and see a significant decrease of data that is transmitted.
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Say hello to

We at Sevenval have been working since 1999 with some of the largest companies in Germany. We have seen the critical steps a company has to take to build and run a successful website. Over the years we have collected a lot of know-how and gained valuable experience, in our R&D team, that we now feel is worth sharing and connecting with the world. This is why we created

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