Newsletter 01/19

See your improvements with!

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

Users will love your faster loading website. In your Analytics dashboard you can find out how much less data users need to load while surfing your website.

Compress your images without compromises 

Our automatic image optimization can save you a great deal of work: Read our blog post to find out why it offers the perfect compromise between effort, quality and compression. 

New in Analytics: HTTP Errors

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

Complete error control for a healthy website: Your Analytics dashboard will display all HTTP errors caused by the origin server. The descriptive graph differentiates between errors for pages meaning delivered HTML sites and assets meaning resources such as script, css and image files. 

Screenshot Analytics dashboard

A separate area displays all errors received by users, e.g. when your origin server was not available. Every error will be logged using an error code. Error codes can be found in our help center.

Feature Update 11/18

How secure is your website?

Don’t just speed up your website – make it more secure as well.
Check the security of your website using our analyzer tool to find out which safety measures can offer you.

More security through HSTS offers to activate HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for your site. HSTS compels the use of HTTPS-connections and serves as protection of attacks such as protocol-downgrade, session-hijacking and man-in-the-middle-attacks.

If your website already uses HTTPS instead of HTTP, the use of HSTS will not just increase your security but also your performance.

Even better Lazy Loading
Our lazy loading functionality for images is now even better: hidden images in sliders or hover boxes of product tiles will now be loaded when they come close to the visible area.

In addition, we optimized lazy loading for HTML streaming. Try combining HTML streaming and lazy loading and profit from significantly reduced TTFB.

Feature Update 09/18

New format for animations: aWebP
Animated GIFs are now delivered as animated WebPs. The converted files are up to 90% smaller than the original file.

Automatic domain redirect with SSL

It is now possible to configure redirects for the main domain. Our automatic ‘Let’s Encrypt Service’ issues all redirects directly via SSL; an additional certificate is not necessary.

Owner-Switch via UI
You can now change the owner for your site in the ‘Team’ section. There is one owner per site who is responsible for payments and can delete the site.