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Newsletter 04/19

Reading Time: 1 minute DDoS Protection with wao.io DDoS attacks are one of the biggest dangers for digital businesses today and data centers are profitable targets. Our wao.io data centers are protected and so are you as our client.

Newsletter 03/19

Reading Time: 1 minute Leave hackers no chance! Remove sensible data from your servers with just one click of a button. Close potential security gaps and dramatically minimize the risk of attacks. Contact us and we will be happy to support you with your security settings.

Newsletter 02/19

Reading Time: 1 minute Billing Information Find your billing information in your personal workspace my wao.io. Stay informed about your current billing and plan.

Newsletter 01/19

Reading Time: 1 minute See your improvements with wao.io! Users will love your faster loading website. In your Analytics dashboard you can find out how much less data users need to load while surfing your website. Compress your images without compromises  Our automatic image optimization can save you a great deal of work: Read our blog post to find […]

Compressing Images without compromising: Achieving the best Quality with clever Algorithms

Reading Time: 4 minutes

HTTP/2 and the HOL in the Waterfall

Reading Time: 5 minutes This year was HTTP/2’s third birthday. Support of h2 in browsers and Web servers is pretty good. Nowadays, with a TLS certificate at hand using h2 is not much more effort than flipping a switch. All major Web servers like Nginx, Apache httpd or IIS have built-in support. Auxiliary software like HAProxy or Varnish/Hitch do so, too. That’s great! We get multiplexing, stream priorities, […]

Feature Update 12/18

Reading Time: 1 minute Google Speed Index Improvement Improve your google speed index by activating the new advanced option: “no image delaying above the fold”. Important images like your logo will be shown undelayed to your user, which has a positive impact on your WPT score.

Feature Update 11/18

Reading Time: 1 minute How secure is your website? Don’t just speed up your website – make it more secure as well. Check the security of your website using our analyzer tool to find out which safety measures wao.io can offer you. More security through HSTSwao.io offers to activate HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for your site. HSTS compels […]

Best practice web performance in E-Commerce: 12% higher conversion rate

Reading Time: 4 minutes High web performance is a key to a successful online shop. Yet, making and keeping a website fast is a complex continuous task. New concepts thus rely on automation in the cloud: Entire websites are optimized on-the-fly. We have spoken to the Head of E-Commerce of DELIFE.EU, who relies on the cloud solution by Sevenval […]